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Very sorry I dont have any work available for purchase at the moment as I have been working towards an exhibition, please take a look at the link below.

The art of Tolkien/The Lord of the Rings 


I am very pleased and honored to be featured in The Festival In The Shire Journal, The journal details the upcoming festival in Holiday where you will find some of my latest works. I was very proud to featured alongside some very talented not to mention famous fellow artists (especially John Howe) whose work I grew up and collected in the shape of books, calendars and posters.

I am a full time professional artist who has been greatly influenced by the works of Tolkien. I received a Fine Arts Degree in painting from Liverpool University and hold a Higher National Diploma in design and ceramics from the University of Wales. I am originally from Chester, England but have lived in Olvera, Cadiz Spain for the last 4 years. I have exhibited and sold work world wide and work primarily in oils,acrylic and clay.


Why Tolkien? I suppose it all started from a very early age when I first heard a reading of the Hobbit on a British children's TV show called Jackanory. I just loved the whole world that he had created, this in turn led me to The Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion. Ever since a part of me has inhabited this world and art has allowed me to continue this magical journey.

The natural world
I have been very lucky in that I have always lived in close range of amazing scenery the Snowdonian national park, the Cheshire plains and now the Andalucia moutains. Whenever possible, I go for walks and take photographs and do lots of sketches. So there are lots of trees/mountains/castles/rivers and landmarks that I have sketched/photographed in my finished works.

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Middle Earth Envisioned book Contract:-

Middle Earth Envisioned Contract. Not very exciting to look at but very important to me as my works are about to be published in a Tolkien inspired book. I am also in talks with a author regarding compiling a Tolkien Compendium.

Festival In The Shire have been kind enough to endorse my latest artwork which is a great honor as they promote some of my favorite Tolkien artists.